Abrasive Service

6” HCV Valves were installed as drilling mud diverters – safety systems - on “under balanced” drilling systems. Valves are mounted directly adjacent to the rotating head as primary dump valves in the event down-hole pressure surges to unacceptable levels. When the valves are required to operate they experience the high pressure surge along with all surging material (including mud and entrained solids including formation solids, shell, shavings, etc…) venting through the valve. When pressure stabilizes the valve is required to close and positively block the down-hole pressures.

The count on number of operations is difficult to determine as every drilling operation is unique. The valve design previously used in these applications exposed the seal surfaces to the media and in several cases, when operating (open to close) closed the sealing areas on the entrained solids, significantly damaging seats/seals requiring very expensive repairs.

Within the HCV Valve, the stationary core, maintaining its position protecting the seat surfaces, significantly minimizes potential damage to the seats. When damage is found the cost of repair is significantly less than the valve designs previously used as a result of the Cartridge concept and its ease of repair.

Since the initial installation of this test application and its successful results, Chromatic has supplied a significant number of these units operating in drilling systems on multiple continents.

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