Critical Service

The HCV Valve has inherent features that make it the ideal valve for emergency shutdown (ESD, ESDV, failsafe closed); blowdown (BDV, failsafe open); and other critical service applications.

  • Quarter-turn operation for fast operation and easy automation
  • Mechanical seal for positive, tight shutoff
  • Stationary core for closure against high flow gases and liquids

The HCV Valve’s hemispherical wedge closure member provides a mechanical seal that is clearly superior to that provided by traditional quarter-turn valves. In critical service and emergency shutdown applications, a fast, simple quarter-turn shut-off is what is needed. The HCV Valve delivers where rising stem, mechanically seated valves fall short.

Neither quarter-turn nor rising stem valves have the stationary core and hemispherical closure member of the HCV Valve, which ensures low hydrodynamic torque during closing against high velocities.

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