Pump/Pressure Control

Liquid pipeline systems transport many types of refined hydrocarbon products and crude. These pipelines can range in size from 6” to 36” and sometimes larger. Liquid pipelines require pumps to move the product down the line and will have many pump stations along the way to maintain pumping pressures. The control valves at these stations maintain the appropriate pressure and are often under a constant state of change during high demand.

The Chromatic FCV and EBV perform well in these services with their high flow capacity, ability to control during high loads and are in-line repairable. A major pipeline company in the U.S. has several Chromatic control valves in service as pump control.

Compatible with the following products:

FCV Valve

The Chromatic FCV valve (Flow Control Valve) is an engineered rotary control valve that ca...

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EBV Valve

The EBV valve (Extended Body Valve) is a simple and innovative extension of the HCV. The E...

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