Solids Handling

The Chromatic HCV product line has been very successful in a catalyst loading application where the catalyst consists of aluminum pellets ranging from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch in size. Catalyst pellets are pure aluminum. Since the facility’s original construction (1990) the maintenance group has installed multiple ball valve manufacturers’ standard – quarter turn ball valve designs. The customer has extensively tested both resilient and metal seated options. Resilient seated valves have lasted as long as 2 to 3 months while some metal seated designs lasted as much as 6 months.

The first HCV Valve was installed in Oct 2008. It was de-pressured after approximately 11 months of service. The original cartridge was removed and replaced with a new cartridge and the bonnet fasteners were re-torqued in less than 30 minutes during that unit outage.

The cartridge was returned to the Chromatic facility for inspection. The internals were found to be in excellent condition with the exception of the seat - that had minor abrasions to one area. A new seat was machined and lapped to the existing Hemi and the “surplus” cartridge was returned to the customer for their storage/inventory.

They have replaced all valves in this catalyst feed application with the HCV Valve metal seated design.

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HCV Valve

The HCV valve (HEMI cartridge valve) is an innovative design that incorporates many positi...

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