The customer mines for soluble minerals through a solution mining process similar to salt dome development process. The mineral deposit is injected with water from surface, once the water is enriched with the desired materials it is pumped to lined solar evaporation ponds on the surface where the water evaporates, leaving behind salt and the minerals. The residual materials are then removed from the “pond” and transported to a processing facility where additional refining is required to produce a product ready for sale.

The specific installation for the HCV Valve was to replace a gate valve used in a limited throttling application in the injection/return “washout” process. Historically, the failure mode of the gate valves have included: bodies washing out, erosion of seats and gates. Previously the typical gate valve would last between 6 to 12 months.

Chromatic initially supplied ten valves in April 2008 for a manifold rebuilding project. Valves performed satisfactorily to the point that the customer has repeatedly placed additional orders to the point that they have installed more than 75 valves in their manifold system.

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HCV Valve

The HCV valve (HEMI cartridge valve) is an innovative design that incorporates many positi...

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