Chemical Process

Positive Isolation

Corpus Christi, Texas

Chromatic worked directly with the customer to develop a specific trim as they were having persistent issues with their current valve and having trouble with replacement parts and service. After successful testing over the first year in service the customer has continued to place orders for critical isolation block applications.

Valves Supplied
Size 3" and 4" ANSI 300 Class
Body Material WCC Carbon steel
Internals Carbon steel with Hastelloy overlay
Trim Teflon seat with Kalrez seals
Port Reduced port
Connections Raised Face Flanged
Service Conditions
Media Sodium chloride and sulphur chloride

The customer manufactures a variety of products including chlorine, caustic soda and related chemicals for use in a variety of applications including chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper production, water treatment, plastics production and agricultural products.

The intended installations for the HCV Valve were to replace valves in their sodium chloride and sulphur chloride isolation block valves services.  The end-user had persistent issues with repeating stem leakage and quality valve repairs. It was also difficult getting replacement parts and replacement valves in a timely and cost effective manner. Chromatic Industries worked very closely with the end-user’s engineering group to develop a specific “trim” (valve bill of materials) to fit the specified application to ensure chemical compatibility including high alloy materials and special seals including Hastelloy C-276, K-Monel and Kalrez. 

Chromatic initially supplied 4” and 6” ANSI 150 Class block valves in April 2008 for testing purposes.  Valves performed satisfactorily over the span of the following year to the point that the customer installed additional 3”, 4” and 6” ANSI 300 Class valves. After the successful testing the customer has placed multiple orders to the point that they have installed more than 35 valves in their facility in Critical Isolation Block applications.

Product Used

HCV Valve

The HCV valve (HEMI cartridge valve) is an innovative design that incorporates many positive features from other valve types. These features are combined into a single product platform that is UNIQUE to the Chromatic HCV product line and not found in any other valve on the market. The HCV is highly adaptive to a variety of process applications from...

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