Emission Control

Use different packing designs in Control Valves to meet all emission standards required.


Comes Standard with the following Products:

Cage Guided Control Valve

Quick change Cage Guided Control Valve. Optimum control with a combinati...

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Angle Valve

Used in special application or where layout constraints does not allow u...

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Three Way Valve

Three Way Control Valve designed for heat exchangers. Two Types: ...

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Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Steam Valve control valve is most...

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Butterfly Valve

Rotary Butterfly Control Valve comes in two designs: Plain disc and wing...

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Control Ball Valve

Three types of Control Ball Valve: Downstream Drilled Spherical Cag...

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Top Guided Control Valve

Single seated quick change guided valve. Used for a wide range of applic...

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