High In-Time Reliability

Critical Areas Protected from External Particles.

Partial or Full Internal C.R.A. Overlay


Comes Standard with the following Products:

Welded Ball Valve

Weleded Ball Valve made of three forged parts connected with welded...

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Cryogenic Ball Valve

Minimum Temperature at -196F. Forged body and closure. Can have Extended...

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Double Block & Bleed

Customizable Block and Bleed Ball Valve. Double Ball and intermediate ve...

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Sub-Sea Ball Valve

Shallow water valve suitable for any required operator.  Addit...

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Compact Ball Valve

Compact ball valve design and weight saving. 30% reduction in length com...

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Floating Ball Valve

Customizable Floating Ball Valves. Multiple types: Split Body Type, Thre...

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Side Entry Ball Valve

Fully customizable side entry ball valve with forged component structure...

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HIPPS Ball Valve

High Integrity Pressure Protection System Ball Valve. Forged body and cl...

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Top Entry Ball Valve

One piece Top Entry Body Style. Cast Body and Forged Bonnet. Anti blow-o...

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