Reliable Mechanical Wedge Seal

Unlike traditional designs with a rotating ball, plug or disc, the HCV, FCV and EBV product lines are designed with an engineered offset on the HEMIspherical closure member – the HEMI - which rotates around a stationary core and wedges mechanically against the valve seat to provide a bubble-tight shut-off in either high or low pressures with repeatable zero leakage. The HEMI mechanically wedges against the seat to provide a bubble-tight shutoff in both directions at low and high pressure differentials. Standard seat designs suitable up to 600 deg F.


  • The HEMI applies independent load to seat without seat springs or aided by line pressure
  • Valve will seal at both low and high pressures
  • Resilient seals or metal-to-metal seats available
  • Zero-leakage (bubble-tight shutoff) resilient seat, bi-directional sealing
  • ISO 5208 Rate A (Zero Leakage) or Rate B shutoff for metal-to-metal seat
  • Improved closing reliability in ESD application
  • Suitable for thermal cyclic applications

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