Unique Cartridge Design

All trim components are housed in a single pre-tested cartridge which can be easily replaced without special tools or pulling the valves from the line. Rapid replacement reduces maintenance costs.


  • Removable/Replaceable Cartridge
  • Ability to quickly inspect valve
  • Capable of revising trims for throttling
  • Fewer parts to stock
  • Minimal downtime for valve repair
  • No special tools required for service
  • Capable of changing from resilient to metal seats
  • Ability to install a temporary strainer for startup purposes
  • Ability to install a temporary trim for welding valves in line
  • Confidence in making a reliable repair with pre-tested cartridge
  • Significant Reduction in Downtime - Top Entry
  • Weld end valves do not have to be removed and/or reinstalled

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