Unique Profile

Chromatic considers the process conditions of each control valve application and applies an engineered solution to fit the conditions. The FCV valve can have several design enhancements including an engineered Hemi with 30-60-90 degree ports; accurate cuts for high relief capacity; narrow to wide for wide range of flow and custom engineered solutions. The FCV can be engineered to control highly erosive fluids like drilling mud, slurries and catalyst feeds. The unique Hemi and Core can be combined to offer a solution for cavitating conditions and maintain the unique cartridge design for maintenance.

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Dual Mechanical Wedge Seal

Using the same wedge seal technology developed with the HCV, Chromatic extended that technique to a fully round DOV HEMI with two opposing mechanical offsets. The DOV is designed with Dual Mechanical Wedge Seals allowing the valve to exert equal force on each seat with no assistance from line pressure or seat springs. The DOV will seal in either direction and even if one seat does not function properly the other seat will block pressure.

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High In-Time Reliability

Critical Areas Protected from External Particles.

Partial or Full Internal C.R.A. Overlay

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Emission Control

Use different packing designs in Control Valves to meet all emission standards required.

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