O-Rings Seals - Standard primary seals for Ball Valves 

Lipseals - Special primary seals for Ball Valves, used for low temp application

Graphite Packing & Spiral Wounds - Special primary seals for Ball Valves, used for high temp application

BX Ring - Special Primary seals for metal to metal contact

Chevron Packing - Soft seal suitable for medium and heavy duty applications

All Seal and Packing use depend on application 

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Additional Options

1. 3mm Inconel 625 weld overlay on dynamic seal areas

2. 3mm. Inconel 625 weld overlay on all wetted parts

3. Hard coating (TCC-CCC) on ball and seat contact surfaces (metal to metal design), 120 µm minimum thickness

4. ENP 25 µm

5. Zinc Plated (10-20µm)

6. Hot Dip Galvanized- HDG (ASTM A153 or ISO 1461)

7. Fluorocarbon Coated

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End Connections

RJ adn RTJ end connections are commonly used but other end connections are available.

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Temperature Range

RMT Ball Valves have a temperature range of -320F (-196C) to +500 (+260C). Depends on application and material selection. 

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