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At Chromatic Industries we pride ourselves on developing, engineering and manufacturing truly state-of-the-art valve technology. Our goal is to achieve a new level of innovation in valve performance and sealing integrity. Our specialty engineered valves are focused in the gas process, pipeline, power, and petro-chemical and drilling markets.

Our staff has developed a valve platform that can be applied to multiple valve applications through our patented cartridge technology. Mechanical sealing is the cornerstone of our design principles and is available to sizes from 2” -20” inch diameters. The HCV Valve is an innovative design that incorporates the positive features of ball, gate, plug, and high performance valves resulting in a mechanically sealing, tight shutoff valve with a simple operation that provides outstanding longevity and performance in a broad range of applications with virtually no maintenance.

Our future is bright with valve enhancements in block and bleed and double isolation block, high temp and cold service valves. Valve integrity is what we are about give us an opportunity to solve your valve issues and experience a performance level that is unmatched in our industry.