Pressure Control Equipment & Services

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Today’s drilling challenges demand trusted products, expertly designed pressure control assemblies, and immediately accessible services. Chromatic’s drilling-focused business unit – formerly Quality Oil Tools – delivers. 


Equipment, Fabrication & Services

  • Valves & Chokes
  • Assemblies & Fabrication
  • Ancillary Tools & Equipment


On-site Manifold Field Services

  • Manifold Recertification
  • Grease Programs
  • Valve Repair & Replacement


Frac Stack and Manifold Leasing

  • Leasing programs for frac stacks, manifolds, and ancillary equipment
  • On-site services 


Value-Add Valve Services

  • Engineering & Design
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Fabrication & Modification
  • Automation


Chromatic’s ChromeDRILLTM is a premier provider of high-quality pressure control equipment and services designed specifically to minimize downtime and optimize operational effectiveness of drilling contractors and operators across North America. 

Alongside our valve, manifold and frac stack products, assemblies and fabrication services are two specialized programs: ChromeLEASETM and ChromeSERVETM. Both focused on expanding our ability to support your pressure control requirements and ensure uninterrupted operations

OEM Products
OEM Assemblies & Fabrication
  • Choke & Kill Manifolds
  • Standpipe Manifolds
  • Choke & Kill High Pressure Piping
  • Chokes & Choke Control Consoles
  • Frac Stacks
Ancillary Tools & Equipment
  • Flow Crosses
  • Goat Heads
  • Drilling Spools, and Spacers
  • Fabrication & Modification
  • Repair & Recertification
  • Equipment Aftermarket Support
  • 24/7 Frac Watch


Manifold Field Services

Chromatic’s team of highly trained technicians are supported by experienced valve engineers and are positioned to provide a broad range of on-site mobile services.

  •  Grease Programs
  •  6A Valve Repair & Replacement
  •  24/7 Frac Watch


Frac Stack & Manifold Leasing Programs

CHROMATIC stocks and leases frac stacks, manifolds and ancillary equipment to support hydraulic fracturing operations and fluid flowback processes. 

Supported by the expertise and full-service capabilities of the ChromeSERVE teams, equipment can be designed, assembled and tested to the unique conditions and specifications of any well.

ChromeVACTM Value-Add Services

In-house technical expertise, specialized equipment, and controlled processes add value to products and assemblies across sector markets, technologies and brands.