DOV Valve

Reliable Mechanical Wedge Seals

The DOV valve (Double Offset Valve) extends the technology from the HCV and delivers a rotary valve with dual mechanical wedge seals. The standard DOV is a trunnion mounted design that provides a Double Isolation and Bleed without the use of seat springs or line pressure to ensure a bubble tight seal. The DOV maintains the UNIQUE top entry cartridge style for easier maintenance and fewer leak paths. The operation of a DOV is 1/4 turn that allows for more cost effective actuation and lower fugitive emissions. A wide variety of options enable the DOV to include high temperature seals, corrosion resistant coatings, live loaded stem packing and alloy materials.

DOV Valves are available in a variety of sizes, pressure classes, materials, and trims. The basic design is easily scalable. Additional sizes, pressures classes and features are continually under development to meet industry needs. 14” and larger sizes are available.

NPS DN Class 150 Class 300 Class 600 Class 900 Class 1500
2" 50
3x2" 75x50
3" 75
4x3" 100x75
4" 100
6x4" 150x100
6" 150
8x6" 200x150
8" 200
10x8" 250x200
10" 250
12x10" 300x250
12" 300