HCV Valve

Innovative Cartridge Design

The HCV valve (HEMI cartridge valve) is an innovative design that incorporates many positive features from other valve types. These features are combined into a single product platform that is UNIQUE to the Chromatic HCV product line and not found in any other valve on the market. The HCV is highly adaptive to a variety of process applications from low to high temperatures; clean to dirty service; and on-off to control.

HCV Valves are available in a variety of sizes, pressure classes, materials, and trims. The basic design is easily scalable. Additional sizes, pressures classes and features are continually under development to meet industry needs. 14” and larger sizes are available.

NPS DN Class 150 Class 300 Class 600 Class 900 Class 1500
2" 50
3x2" 75x50
3" 75
4x3" 100x75
4" 100
6x4" 150x100
6" 150
8x6" 200x150
8" 200
10x8" 250x200
10" 250
12x10" 300x250
12" 300