Quality Mission

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Chromatic Industries is committed to meeting our customer’s expectations and their requirements, through our focus on our Quality Management System.

We are dedicated to quality throughout the organization, and we strive towards continuous improvement by maintaining the systems required to identify, correct and prevent deficiencies in our Quality Management System.

We will constantly strive to build enduring and successful business relationships through commitment to customer requirements and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to continually review the Company’s Quality Management System and our Quality Objectives for sustained consistency and the promotion a quality oriented culture, while providing a safe working environment for all employees throughout the organization.

Chromatic Industries’ primary strategic focus is customer satisfaction which we achieve through our Quality Management System (QMS). Our QMS allows us to design, manufacture and deliver high quality products and services. Chromatic Industries’ QMS is designed with two primary focal points:

  • to assist in the development, implementation and execution of the internal quality system according to API Q1 specifications, ISO 9001 and API 6D
  • to meet the high quality requirements of our customers 

The QMS describes Chromatic Industries’ philosophy and approach to achieving high customer satisfaction marks along with compliance to design and industry requirements. The QMS also describes the methods for providing and ensuring the delivery of quality products in accordance with the quality policy. Company standards, procedures and work instructions provide the necessary control and detail to ensure that the quality system is uniformly implemented and executed.

Chromatic Industries is committed to be a leading worldwide valve manufacturer providing quality products that will continuously improve and exceed customer satisfaction with the objective to gain an ongoing advancement in customer loyalty, the employee workplace environment as well as achieving future success in our financial goals.

Chromatic is API 6D & ISO 9001:2015 certified.