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RMT Control Valves


Control Valves (CTL)

RMT Control, the dedicated control unit of RMT VM, enhances since 2014 our product range with two main design of control valves: linear and rotary. Engineered in full accordance with IEC 60534 Specification and offered with any array of steels and alloys suitable for the most demanding application for process control in the oil & gas and power generation fields.

  • Downstream Drilled Spherical Cage (42 Series)
  • Multi-Stage Control (43 Series)
  • V-Cut Control Valve (45 Series)
  • Up to 48”
Pressure Ratings:
  • Up to 2500 psi

Features & Benefits

  • Low noise capabilities
  • Solid trunnion mounted ball valve

High In-time Reliability

Use different packing designs in Control Valves to meet all emission standards required

Material Selection

RJ and RTJ end connections commonly used but other end connections are available.

ChromeVAC Value-Add Services

In-house technical expertise, specialized equipment, and controlled processes add value to products and assemblies across sector markets, technologies and brands.