Valves & Actuation

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CHROMATIC’s progressive approach to valves, actuation, and value added services optimizes production schedules and minimizes downtime. From sourcing to field service, the Chromatic team is committed to simplifying your valve requirements.

Valves by Brand

Anchored by our flagship Chromatic brand, Chromatic continues to build its valve portfolio to deliver both standard and specialized technology solutions.

Valves by Type

As valve experts Chromatic is committed to providing the oil and gas and process control industries with the technology they need to succeed.

Valves by Market

Chromatic valve solutions can be found in applications from upstream to downstream.

Valve Actuation

Chromatic’s partners with the world’s most respected providers of actuation technology and products.

Cartridge Design Delivers Superior Performance

In a design unique from all others, Chromatic’s Cartridge Ball Valves deliver the benefits of traditional ball and gate valves while simplifying maintenance routines and reducing downtime.


ChromeVACTM Value-Add Services

In-house technical expertise, specialized equipment, and controlled processes add value to products and assemblies across sector markets, technologies and brands.