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Chromatic DOV Cartridge Ball Valves


Mechanical Seal, 6D Cartridge Ball Valve

The Chromatic DOV valve (Double Offset Valve) extends the technology of the HCV and delivers a rotary valve with dual mechanical wedge seals. The DOV maintains the unique top entry cartridge style for easier maintenance and fewer leak paths and the  quarter-turn operation that allows for more cost effective actuation and lower fugitive emissions.

  • Standard DOV is a trunnion mounted design that provides a Double Isolation and Bleed without the use of seat springs or line pressure to ensure a bubble tight seal
  • Wide variety of options enable DOV to include high temperature seals, corrosion resistant coatings, live loaded stem packing and alloy materials

Features & Benefits

  • Cartridge design simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime 
  • Quarter turn operation ensures easy and economical actuation
  • Stationery fixed core reduces turbulence and velocity
  • Easily and economically actuated and automated
  • Low fugitive emissions 

HCV-Extended Body (EBV) Models

A simple yet innovative extension of the HCV, the EBV was designed specifically for buried valve applications with above ground maintenance in mind.

The cartridge design enables the entire trim of the valve to be assembled at one time allowing the body to remain in line during periods of maintenance. The body extension is a single section of pipe welded between the top of the valve body and top bonnet. The pipe section is rated and pressure tested to the same parameters as the valve body. The EBV can be supplied as a double block and bleed without the need for sub-surface bleed connections. An excellent option for buried drain valves, buried manifolds, buried pump control valves and has been manufactured with extensions up to 10 feet.

HCV-Flow Control (FCV) Model

Engineered for Control the Chromatic FCV valve is an engineered rotary control valve that can be applied to a variety of flow and pressure control applications.

Including gas, liquid and slurry control. Available with a specific port opening based on flow conditions with designs readily available in 30-60-90 degree V-port and characterized trim. Options also for anti-cavitation and severe service.

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