OEM Pressure Control Equipment, Fabrication & Services


OEM Pressure Control Equipment, Fabrication & Services


Today’s drilling companies face increasingly challenging environments, extreme temperatures, high pressures and severe service applications. It is essential that they can count on OEM-quality, field-proven equipment supported by a service team available 24/7/365.


ChromeDRILL, Chromatic’s oil tools business unit provides drilling contractors and operators across North America with pressure control equipment and services that minimize downtime and optimize operational effectiveness and the  ChromeSERVE Manifold Service is there to provide the support you need to get the job done quickly and safely.

Premier Supplier: Valves, Manifolds & Control Panels

As an OEM manufacturer of valves and chokes, and a best-in-class fabricator of control panels, manifolds and frac stacs,  every product and unit we produce is backed by the processes and controls expected of a premier supplier.

6A Valves & Chokes

To ensure that operations experience minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs, OEM high pressure valves and chokes meet or exceed all industry standards.



In-house engineering teams focus on design standards, material selection and certifications, and operations teams follow strict OEM protocols for assembly and qualification testing.


Control Panels

Chromatic provides a range of control choke panels various project demands. Stainless steel enclosures protect gauges, indicators levers and counters from harsh environmental conditions.  Easy calibration and minimal maintenance required.


  • Manifold, choke, and valve design
  • Processes for materials traceability and parts certification


  • CNC and milling
  • In-house stress relief
  • API 6A, 16C, 16A, 17D, API Q1 Certification

Production Welding

  • Automatic, semiautomatic, mechanized and manual
  • Cladding and overlay
  • Super duplex and high alloy materials

Welding Engineering

  • Procedure development
  • Material evaluation
  • Specification analysis


  • Drilling spools & risers
  • Diverter systems
  • Gate, check and diverter ball valves
  • Chokes & control panels
  • Manifolds
  • Standpipe manifolds
  • Choke control panels

ChromeVACTM Value-Add Services

In-house technical expertise, specialized equipment, and controlled processes add value to products and assemblies across sector markets, technologies and brands.